Since the internet is such an anonymous place, I thought you may want to know a little about who's giving you all of this information so, perhaps, you can get a feel for my confidence in and commitment to Zilis and their Ultra products.


I'm a 40-something-year-old gal who works two jobs while raising an active tweenager. Until recently, I've been working as a psychiatric nurse, supplemented by a job in the airline industry to support my love of travel.

Travel! I LOVE to travel! I like to pack in as much as I can, especially when traveling overseas, and have been known to take international trips that last only two days. I like to ride bikes, go hiking, and, when out with friends, like to dance and have fun with all of our kids. I like long walks on the beach and... Ok, I know this is starting to sound like a personals ad, but the point is this: I was/am an active person who needs to be able to keep up with a kid, two jobs, and somewhat of a social life. I wasn't able to do that until I found UltraCell.  
Getting back to nursing, I've been a nurse for over 20 years, with 17 of those in psychiatric nursing, and, while I loved my job and the patients for whom I cared, I feel like I've helped more people in just a few, short months by educating them about UltraCell than I have in all my years as a nurse. So much so that I've given up my nursing position to focus on helping people learn about the #1 full spectrum hemp oil on the market, UltraCell.
If you'd like to hear more about how UltraCell could help you, or how it helped me, contact me!


Whether you’re new to the CBD/hemp oil hype or you’re looking for better results than what your current supplement provides, welcome! I have to say, I never expected that I’d become this passionate about any product, ever.


Rewind to July 2017. I’d had trouble with my left hip for years, from what I thought was running. I would get both deep, sharp pains, as well as a constant, dull ache after I had increased my mileage or just had an “off” day. I’d rest, it would go away, no big deal. At the end of July, I had an x-ray done of my left hip and everything looked normal. About two weeks later, in mid- August, I leaned over to wipe off the kitchen table and ruptured a lumbar disc. Upon further exam, I also had a herniated disc above the rupture.

I'd never experienced nerve pain before, but it is the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my entire life! It can be completely and utterly debilitating. I couldn’t walk for almost two weeks and I couldn’t walk upright for about 2 months. After trying anti-inflammatories and oral steroids for 2+ months, I began a series of epidural steroid injections that worked beautifully!


Except... You can only have so many within a certain amount of time. And they can wear off.

Fast forward to the end of February 2018. One day, I felt a little pain shoot down my leg. Then another, followed by a dull, deep ache. Several days later, I was almost constantly at a level 7 on the pain scale, so I made an appointment with my surgeon for a surgical consult, which we had discussed after my last injection.

I happened to see a post about UltraCell on the same day. At that point, I was ready to try anything before surgery!


I had started taking the medications I was on when I initially ruptured my disc, but I ran out and my doctor had to rewrite the prescription. I started UltraCell on Wednesday, March 7, 2018. I ran out of medication on Sunday, March 11th. I worked all day Monday (and had had no medication that day), so I picked it up Tuesday afternoon on my way home. With the after-school rush, I didn’t take it right away and, when my friend came over that evening, she asked how my “back” was.

... I had FORGOTTEN about it! I had forgotten that I was in pain. Because I wasn’t! I woke up on Tuesday, six days after starting UltraCell, and my pain was just GONE! I’ve been taking it since and I’ve not had any further pain whatsoever. I’ve also been sleeping soundly and without sleeping medication, which I’d taken for over 10 years, and I’ve noticed an enormous decrease in irritability and a better, overall mood.

I know not everyone is the same, and I do believe that modern medicine has its place, but it blows my mind that hemp and CBD oils are not widely recommended by physicians. I have my own opinions on the reason for that, but... Almost every, single person I know or know of that’s tried UltraCell has had at least moderate relief and several have had life-changing results, one of which is improved quality of sleep. It may sound small, but if you haven’t slept properly in the last several years and you start getting 8-9 hours of solid sleep a night, that, my friends, is life changing!

This is only my story and, just like traditional medications, may affect people differently, but if you think hemp oil may help you, please, just give it chance. I’m confident that you will see results!


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