While I definitely know more about the effects of UltraCell on humans, it's easy to see how the same results would be seen in our pets. They have some of the same health issues, such as pain and inflammation, behavioral issues, and other medical conditions, like diabetes, thyroid disease, and cancer. Since UltraCell is so effective in promoting balance and health in people with these same conditions, it stands to reason that it will also help our pets. 


Zilis is very fortunate to have one of the nation's top veterinary neurosurgeons promoting UltraCell.


Dr. Joli Jarboe, DVM, DACVIM (Neurology)



Knowing that animals don't exhibit "placebo effect", our pets are examples of the very real effects of UltraCell. According to Dr. Jarboe, in our animal family members and patients, benefits may be seen from cannabinoid effects in lessening manic behaviors with thunderstorms/firework phobia and cognitive dysfunction syndrome, improving an overall sense of well-being in patients with cancer or chronic discomfort, reducing hysteria seen upon anesthesia recovery, lessening stress responses to being hospitalized, easing interhousehold pet aggression, promoting anti-neuropathic pain mechanisms, promoting pro-anti inflammatory mechanisms, etc. Improvements may also be possible in inducing mood stabilizing effects that can be seen with FLUTD, feather plucking in large pet birds, respiratory difficulties in animals with lar par and collapsing trachea, etc. 

If you'd like to watch a presentation recently given by Dr. Jarboe, click below to view a FB Live video filmed at a meeting in Louisville, KY.

PLEASE NOTE: UltraCell TOPICAL has not been approved by Dr. Jarboe for pet use at this time due to the inquisitive nature of animals and their tendency to lick away anything on their skin. 


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