With so many products out there, with so many milligrams (mg) and milliliters (ml) and CBD vs full spectrum hemp oil, it’s important to understand how important bioavailability/absorption rate is. This is also important from a financial standpoint, as I know that no one wants to "waste" their hard-earned money on something they think they can get cheaper elsewhere. Cheaper is not always better and claims of being "cheaper" can often be misleading, especially when you take into consideration how much of the product you can actually use, also known as bioavailability. Honestly, one of the main reasons people choose other products is price.

While keeping in mind that UltraCell is a full spectrum oil and not only CBD oil, as well as the fact that it's USDA certified organic, I'd like to compare what you get with UltraCell to what you get with a few other products on the market. I will use the average of 6% absorption rate for their products, as this is the typical absorption rate of oil-based supplements and I've not found any other company that does bioavailability testing to show otherwise.  Actually, let’s make it an even 10%, just for mathematical ease and the benefit of the doubt that their bioavailability is slightly more than 6%.

For UltraCell, I will also use the lowest percentage of bioavailability that has been tested at on UltraCell clients at the Mayo Clinic, which is 85%.


Product A

Here, I have used the highest strength product from a heavily advertised company in the hemp/CBD oil industry:


         2950mg per 2oz (or 60ml)     -     $225                                                      

         * OR 1475mg per 30ml                                                                             

         6% of 1475mg= 88.5mg per 30ml is absorbed                              

         If 1ml is taken per day, you are getting 2.95mg of hemp oil per day.




          500mg per 30ml          -      $150

          85% of 500mg= 425mg per 30ml is absorbed

          Taking the daily dose of 1ml, you are getting 14.16mg of hemp oil per day.


Conclusion: Your body is able to use 4.8 times more hemp oil with UltraCell than with Product A and for $75 less.




Product B

This example compares a product that is somewhat similar in CBD content to UltraCell (but not organic and not full spectrum) and costs $75 vs UltraCell’s $150, also from another well- known company in the industry:


           30ml of oil, containing 25mg of CBD extract oil* per serving - $75

           10% of 25mg = 2.5mg absorbed per dose






          30ml of oil, containing 16.67mg of full spectrum hemp oil per serving - $150

          85% of 16.67mg = 14.17mg absorbed per dose.


Conclusion: While UltraCell costs 2 times more than this product, your body gets 5.6 times the amount of full spectrum hemp oil PER DOSE.  




Product C

An extra-strength/advanced option from the makers of Product B is available and provides 43mg of CBD oil per ml vs UltraCell’s 16.67mg per ml.


             10% of 43 mg = 4.3mg absorbed per serving





              85% of 16.67mg = 14.17mg absorbed per serving


Conclusion: With the highest absorption rate on the market, UltraCell still provides 3.3 times the amount of hemp oil per dose for the same price of the other "advanced".



Overall, you can see you get more for your money with UltraCell, all because of UltraCell's unmatched absorption rate. If there's anything you choose to look for in a hemp product, other than being organic, always ask about the absorption rate and ask for documentation to back it up. Otherwise, you're wasting your money on something your body isn't even able to use. 


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